Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm back...with the curse.......not again...God please help me!!

It's been a while that i didnt start to post..but now i'm back but with the curse following me....today is a sleepless nite for me...haven't sleep for whole day today and went for the exam....there not may things could cause me like that when i said its sleepless night means that something terrible thing had happen to me....

Well...i'm not sure whether i can share in here or not but it won't be too details i guess..cause i don't know how the person would react.But something i got to admit that something just went out of my control sometimes.Eventhough i had tried my best for giving you trust in me, but i just don know why sometimes it went out of my control and mess up all the time.I really sad this recently,because this is not the first time,and it is hard for me to bring the trust back to you.and i don know what can i do for you to be back in trust with me.I really wan to scream at the top of the hill sometimes.something like "I don wan to be like this!! I just wan to be like normal!! Like the life that we going on right now!!! WHY!!!! Why this happen to me all the time!!!!" I really wan to scream out like this when i go to the top of the hill. I really feel so clueless and don know what to do to back into normal. I hope God can help me and comfort my sorrow soul right now.
This is the photo i took at the top of the hill that i went to..

The trust that i building up for...had messed up once again....and its like the building of trust had been collapsed...i don know when i can build this up and let you trust in me again....I really don wan this to be happen...in this time...where both of us need courage and support to face our exam...to tell you guys the truth that i really not in the mood on facing my exam right now......i feel so empty.....I pray that Lord will give me a clue and deliver from evil and keep me out of sinning.....I pray that Lord will once again cherish and repair the crack of our relationship.......

I'm sorry that i always posting this sad posts on my very own blog...but i think this blog had become the place where i can release all my emotions and sad feelings which i hide from everyone.....i also hope that next post of mine will be a happy post to share with you guys....

The last thing i want to say to the person is:"Please forgive me and give me one more chance to trust me,i know that you can't fully trust me by now,but i jus want to tell you that i really regret and i will correct it and i won't dissapoint you and make you sad this time.I will do anything i can and i won't hide anything from you anymore....please give me one more chance to trust me."

Everyone please study hard for the exam....especially you.....^^

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